On Loving Every Minute of Where You Are

I’ve begun to get annoyed with snow selfies where people are completely frowning and unhappy. In just a few brief moments, the season will shift and these same unhappy winter haters will be complaining about the heat. There’s beauty in every stage of life. Even the unhappy ones. I got an inadvertent vacation this week. I thought I’d catch up on different things but instead I lay around mostly. I felt guilty until I started scrolling through Instagram and saw people unhappy to be alive. I’ve learned this: there is beauty everywhere. When it snows, take a moment and listen to the silence in the air. The earth herself takes a breath when snow falls. When it rains watch how the trees almost reach up to embrace every raindrop. When it’s hot out I imagine the sun leaning in a little closer so our days are warmer and our conversations longer. Learn to appreciate every single beautiful minute of your life. Regardless of the season: winter, summer, fall, poverty, wealth, joy or even sadness. They only last a moment and don’t appreciate being wasted.


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