On Modernity Ruining the World

I watched a program last night that profiled the life of the people of Vanuatu. What a beautiful place. This particular program refueled my wanderlust and sense of all things someplace else. I’ve always had a sort of attitude that I want to be “anywhere but here,” but as it relates to having the most experiences and seeing the most places, not because I hate where I am. At any rate I was moved by the people and how happy they all are. I was moved by the peace of that place, untouched by deadlines, payroll, meetings and cell phone towers. They have no need for those things. They are human. We are also human. But we’re not happy. I wonder if I had to, could I live there and never think twice about my iPhone ever again? I don’t know if I could permanently, but they do. And for some reason, the rest of the world thinks that the people of Vanuatu would be better off if they could only live their lives the way we do. That is how modernity has ruined the world. And while everyone might praise technology or indoor plumbing, we think we’re the authority on a people who have existed for centuries. It’s not electricity that’s fried our brains, it’s the belief that because we cannot live without running water that no one else can either. I don’t buy that. The people of Vanuatu don’t either. They don’t have to buy anything and in my opinion that’s far more valuable than what you or I can pay for any day of the week. 


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