On Being a Nobody

I am what some would call a nobody. In the grand scheme of things, it’s evident no one reads my blogs (all three of them), I only have 60 followers on Twitter (on a good day), and I have yet to be a published author. The difference between me and the next nobody, is that I exist. I exist in a sphere that isn’t measured in followers on social media. I exist in a circle where I am respected by my peers. I exist in a place where my time is of value, my presence felt, and my absence noticed. The problem with the world today is that we need to be popular to feel like somebody. This is so problematic because our happiness, worth, and purpose suddenly become dependent upon a very fickle body of individuals. It also means that we spend time trying to achieve something to make ourselves feel better and that is sometimes selfish. We have to remember that trying to reach that goal can often leave us empty, and even make us mean to others. We have it in our power to change the world and treat each other with respect. Never become somebody who makes another person feel like she is a nobody. Anybody can tell you there’s nothing worse than that. 


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