On Days Where The Happy Finds You

I don’t think it’s the memories of past joys that make the sun shine brighter. Not even the present joys of great news and good times. Nor the promise of future joys that are sure to lift your expectations. Rather it’s the momentary realization that you are simply who you are. Because the idea that this is my journey is where the happy found me today. 😘


On Those Difficult Days We’d Rather Forget…

Sometimes the loneliness gets so thick in the air I can cut it with a knife. I think the insomnia is just a way for me to punish myself for giving in to self-pity. I stay awake so I can breathe in the night air and replay a hundred thousand times the source of the pain. I hate these days. Even as infrequent as they are. I hate every single, agonizing minute. But the sun will still rise and the morning will come and it’s up to me what I will do with a fresh day. ✌🏾️