On Woes and First World Problems

Labor day is Monday and while some would say it’s the end of summer, I can’t help but feel it’s the truth. Summer is my favorite season and having to say goodbye to it, well, made me sad. But I realized that there’s beauty and sadness in all of life’s seasons and that may be a hard lesson to learn, but it’s wisdom we can all use and a reminder that we all need. Take heart, let the time pass, and do it gracefully. With every change a new truth, a new season will emerge. Time is a gift: either learn to accept that and savor every moment or remain stagnant and live your life in the past. Never lament the past. It cannot be changed. I remembered that as I saw the leaves begin to turn and I wished summer was a little bit longer, but I have to move forward. We all must move forward. 


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