On My Future Husband

When you feel the words, you gotta write. Even on seemingly asinine topics such as this one. 😛 I was laying here taking in this rainy Shabbat and was struck with a desire to pen a letter to my husband. I say “husband” and not “future husband” because that suggests that, although we have not found each other yet, I lay claim to the promise that he is, not just “will be.” 

Hey you beautiful soul. You’re the one God formed with the same two hands that formed me. This means that you will look to our Creator for guidance and be able to lead and cover me, your bride. You will look to Him as your source of truth and inspiration but most of all happiness and by this virtue you’ll be complete when you find me. I’ll piss you off, but may you find patience. I’ll make you laugh, and may you remember these moments when life overwhelms you and I can’t find a way to soothe your pain by any other method. We’ll make babies together, may we raise them as a team, careful to put them first when they grace our life with their presence. I’ll be your friend, cook you meals, care for you when you’re sick, and hold you up when others try to bring you down: may you be the reflection for me, of all of the joy, love, hope, and peace God has enabled me to be for you. Also, I hate to drive too, so I’mma need you to hold that down. Until we meet 😘. 


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