On Contentment

Even when I had a job I hated or I was in a place of particular unhappiness, I never quite understood when people complained about the current state of their lives. There are sometimes going to be moments where things are not ideal, but how you endure those challenges are always the key to discovering how much you’ve grown or who you’ve become. Don’t wish for summer in another season. It has to be winter now, so see it for its possibilities all the while knowing that summer will return in its own good time. There are phases the earth must experience before it can be the summer that we recognize. Imagine if summer just came around before the spring. It is the same way with our lives. We won’t be prepared for a glorious summer through a half realized winter or a rushed spring. Take a breath, pause, and reflect on the lesson you have to learn so you’ll be prepared to enjoy the full of experience of a perfectly timed season. 


On Purpose

I’ve found that if you don’t have a reason for doing something, then why continue? And if you do have a reason, must it be achieved at all costs? Because if not, why are you doing it at all? Answer that question before you move forward in any endeavor, and if it’s pointless, move on. If you can’t get past it, find the reason. Find it and then find out how to see it through.