On Losing

So…I’m a HUGE fan of cinema, film, cinematic arts, movies or what have you. Awards season is to me what pre-season or football season is to die hard sports fans. I start with the Golden Globes, binge all the way through to the Academy Awards, then close out the year with the Emmys (sometimes…hey I said film, not tv…). Last year, of course #OscarsSoWhite was trending because no actors of color were nominated for their performances in some of 2014’s most stellar and outstanding films. It was a travesty, the Academy was called out on it, and it was sure to never happen again. Fast forward to January 2016. It was a chilly Thursday morning and around dawn I awoke and logged into the Academy website (for those of you keeping score, it’s like Draft Day. I love it.). I watched the live stream and can remember being disappointed because I’d felt that the Academy followed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s selections too closely and chose horrible performances, films, and directors. At the very least, many stellar performances had been left out, ignored, or simply unacknowledged. I was disappointed, but not for the reason people thought…so imagine my surprise when individual after individual, within the industry and not within the industry, began expressing their chagrin at the lack of selection of actors of color — again. How could this be? Two years in a row of the blatant disregard of the artistic contributions of entire groups of people. I won’t get into the process, the politics, or even the shame of it all. I will simply say this: a filmmaker’s greatest achievement is longevity. People will forget who wins best actor this year (unless it’s Leo, I mean…can we please?), but they will never forget their favorite film. Some of the world’s greatest performances went unrewarded, but certainly not unacknowledged. The stories that resonate the most, are the ones that stick with us, not the ones that take home trophies that people will forget they ever received, or were not even nominated.


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