On Technology

There’s nothing more endearing, more fulfilling than seeing coffee cup stains or crumbs on a page inside of my journal. I relish that thrill, instead of the fear that I might spill something on my keyboard. It meant that I was unafraid of and unfettered to outside worries that could hinder what my soul was trying to convey. 


On The Hustle

Lately my grind has been suffering. I have been completely unmotivated. Completely unavailable. Completely uninspired. With little motivation, I haven’t even been able to find that spark that fuels my creativity. But that’s the point. In the interim, when everything is not magic, that’s where the motivation is built. It’s in the quiet, insignificant moments where the drive is fueled by pure work ethic and a belief that the empire will still be built. And that it will still be beautiful. Find what you must achieve at all costs and use the silence to encourage you. The progress might just inspire you and remind you that forward is the only direction in which the dream will move. So get moving. 😘