On Career Purgatory

The thing about being exactly where you don’t want to be and doing exactly what you don’t want to do is that you discover new aspects of life that, may be old hat to someone else, but that are new to you. I’m exercising my right and ability to say I like something or I don’t like something. And it’s a useful bit of art because it’s in doing what you don’t want that affords you the space to see what it is you want to do, where it is you want to be, and chart an expedient route to get there. And Lord, do I want out of here. But I like that I still get to discover who and what I am and that’s the point of this ski lift we call life. That’s where every little moment of joy will share its fragrance with you, when you know this isn’t only what you were meant to do, but that you still get to find beauty and inspiration in the darkest of corners. I’ve also discovered that illumination comes from within, and I light those dark spaces with the hope I have for a brighter future. Take that light with you, and brighten the dark spaces of the world. That’s your purpose. You’re not what you do. You’re who you are, and the stalest moments at your job can never change that. Only YOU can. Be light. 


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