On Unexpected Sorrows

Last night, Chicago stood up to the bull. No pun intended. But the victory in my heart was a short lived one. While I celebrate with the mass throngs of those in favor of progression and nonviolence, I was grieved that there are people who really believe that building a wall between borders or deporting 11 million human beings will magically solve the issues in our country. And there are thousands upon thousands of these idiotic, hateful souls. I thought about where I was in life, what I’ve accomplished, and what I want to accomplish and I discovered an immutable, heartbreaking truth: I cannot fathom bringing children into the world in its present state. I absolutely cannot conceive of it. We can stand and we can fight against the hatred and occasionally prevail, but the only insulation we have from keeping future generations from the hatred that is fueling a certain political campaign is choosing not to thrust this life upon them. After all, they have not asked for it and for the present time, it doesn’t seem that it will improve. So fight on, Chicago and anyone else brave enough to say no to the evil in this world that tries to rise up against us, unprovoked, unending, unwelcome. 


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