On Waiting

My Bluetooth went on the fritz and I had to take it to the dealer for repair. I’m no stranger to this place, so after the service guy wrote up my request, I took my seat in the waiting room. Person after person came in and I wished I had time lapse footage of this waiting room for eight hours. I would love to see how many people come, go, read books or magazines, play with their phones and not interact with each other. Then I realized we spend our lives waiting for the weekend, for the doctor, for the test results, for that email, for that phone call, for that technician, for that check in the mail…how do we fill the time we spend having to wait for whatever it is we’re waiting on? We read. We pace. We drink coffee. We make phone calls. We run errands. We make plans. We wait. I wonder how to better fill the space between what we’re hoping for and what eventually will come to be. That expanse of time is an opportunity to do or be better. To grow. To develop patience. To find peace. My goal is to learn how to live my life free from having to try to occupy my mind while waiting for something. I want to fill that space, not with pure longing, but with peace. 


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