On A Sadness

It is often permeated by memories of happier times and beautiful music wafting in through my ears. It comes in wearing loud shoes, slamming doors and breaking things. But the soft, quiet, stillness of joy often drowns out the sorrow. It leaves streaks of crinkles and smiles across my face, a glow of warmth and contentment. There is no more powerful a force than hope. And today, I choose to be full of that instead of the sadness that, try as it might, attempts to ruin my soul. 


On Fear

Let the confidence in where you are today inspire you to greatness. Greater greatness. Never let fear sneak in and tell you that because things are wonderful right now that they will never be good again. It isn’t true. There are far greater days ahead than any we leave behind. Use the power of now to fuel your tomorrow. Believe that you will reach greater heights and you’ll always be right. You will. You will succeed. Don’t be afraid. 

On Tribes

I see groups of people and mutual friends of mine on social media interact with each other from time to time. Sometimes I think, “we’re friends, but we’re not friends like that.” At first it made me sad. But then I realized that I have a tribe. We are small but we are mighty. And close. Sometimes that is how it has to be and that’s what we have to remember. It’s not the quantity of the tribe it’s the quality of the members. It’s the sense of belonging that we humans struggle to understand. And when it seems to be missing, we forget how important the people that are important to us really are. Count your tribe. The smaller, the better. 

On Fate

It really does feel warm and gushy and you really do “just know.” When I first discovered this, it gave me peace. I paused. I breathed. And although I couldn’t see when it would come to pass, I knew it would. I know it will. It’s destined to be. It will happen. Just breathe and understand and acknowledge that you are enough. And it will come to be.