On Helplessness

Another unarmed black man was killed by the police and today it’s all over the news. People are splattering blue lives matter hashtags to cover the black lives matter protestors and I am so angry. When I saw this I fell into an ocean of despair, powerless to fight against the waves of helplessness. Seriously, I am drowning. Drowning in the taunts that “we are all human” when lives that matter less are lost. Lives that matter more are mourned while ours are excused. Rationalized. Buried atop the bones, and sweat, and blood, and tears of the ones that drowned, were enslaved, were beaten, were lynched. Here we sit with all manner of resources at our disposal and the most effective weapon is not the guns being used to kill us or even the legal system that protects the murderers… but the self-righteous indifference of those who spout most loudly “all lives matter.” No, they don’t. Some lives matter more. And it is those lives who are given the benefit of the doubt when our lives are worth little more than the notion that even in the absence of any culpability or guilt, still deserved to die. 


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