On Discarding Things

I want to live in a tiny house. All I keep hearing from people is “you’re going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff.” Well…yeah. If you don’t require much space, you don’t need many things. Imagine having an enormous house and not enough things to fill it. It would seem silly to have and you’d realize rather quickly that you don’t need it or you’d rush out to buy more and more things. Now imagine having a tiny house and too much stuff. You don’t need more space, you’d just need less stuff. At least I do anyway. In my soul, I need more space and less stuff. So shouldn’t my living situation reflect the freedom I desire? A house with too few things never stops searching for ways to fill it and a house with too many things can never move an inch forward because of the things holding it back. Don’t hold on to stuff or spend your life trying to acquire more stuff: learn to discard what you don’t need. 


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