On Low Points

I was miserable the other day. I didn’t feel like being bothered with anyone and so I shut myself off from the world. I sat with my pain. Bathed in it. Wallowed in it. Ignored it when I didn’t want to stare it in the face. But it circulated above my bed as I lay in my room. Followed me into the kitchen. The shower. On my afternoon walks. It waited for me when I woke up in the morning. The fact is, hard times don’t always manifest themselves as financial problems or job losses or broken relationships. They appear to stem from outward sources but they sometimes are inner struggles. They are the lies your fears tell you about your level of ability or qualifications or even your physical beauty. I listened to my pain this time and it was dark. And intense. And at times, incredibly overwhelming. But I survived because something whispered to me “even in the midst of all that collapses around you, weighs your soul down, and lies in your ear…you have not stopped.” Whatever ails you will not last. Low points will occur. They are just part of your timeline. You’re enough to weather the storm. You’re enough to suffer through all of that and make it through to the other side. Just don’t ever give up. 


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